Static Storage

"Providing Storage Solutions" Irrespective of other considerations, our customers know they will always receive an honest independent solution to their storage problems. Their interests come first. Ocean Design is a group of professionals with a wide experience of working with Corporate Companies, Government Agencies, Museums, Heritage Centres, Art Galleries, Architects and Local Authorities - Producing the right storage solution

Mobile Storage

The concept of mobile storage is long established world wide, as the most effective method of space utilisation, either by practically doubling storage capacity or relieving half the available work area for the more profitable work practices. The on going benefits of simplified security, and shorter picking routes with rapid retrieval, which leads to improved stores management, are virtually incalculable.

Mobile Storage

Runs of appropriate storage units are assembled on engineered, wheeled, metal bases. These are mounted on floor set rails between static units, with sufficient room for a single aisle to be opened up at will, anywhere within the system. Units are simply effortlessly moved to provide the required access.